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        Foshan City Shunde District
        Soardragon Kitchenware
        Specialized in refrigeration equipment
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        Supermarket display freezer room

        Product Description

        OEM design

        External size: 9000mm L x 2800mm W x 2300mm H
        Internal size: 8800mm L x 2600mm W x 2100mm H
        Insulation: Polyurethane insulation panels thick 100mm with cam locks
        Steel finish: painted galvanized steel
        Door: 10 glass doors and 1 side service door
        Glass door size: 725mm W x 1775mm H each glass door
        Side service door: standard hinge door, 836mm W x 1860mm H
        Shelf: white display shelving, 5 tiers each glass door
        Temperature: -18 degree C adjustable
        Condensing unit:
        Wall split unit: Copeland scroll condensing unit, air cooled, refrigerant R404a
        Monoblock unit: Zanotti monoblock condensing unit, wall unit and ceiling drop-in unit optional, plug and play.

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