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    Beer cooler WGL-298F

    Product Description

    1. Black luxury appearance design,handsome and decent,pressenting the taste of fashion
    2. Fan motor force wind cooling circle,fast refrigeration,temperature more even
    3. Plastic coated shelves,can adjust height freely
    4. Removable door gasket can be easily replaced and cleaned
    5. Polyurethane foaming insulation,outstanding heat preservation and reduce energy consumption
    6. Digital control,can adjust the temperature inside the cabinet accurately
    7. Auto Evaporation of drain system under the cabinet,convenient and practical,keep the business environment dry and clean
    8. Cabinet is frictional painting,chromeplate shelf,presenting different elegance
    9. Safe door lock,safety use and save worry


    Model  WGL-298F
    Door quantity 3 doors
    Net capacity 298L
    Temperature range 0~10℃
    Unit dimension(W*D*H) 1340*500*920mm
    Gross weight 90kg
    Refrigerant R134a
    Cooling system Fan cooling 
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